3.4. training and development 3.4. training and development

empowering our people

The development and training area plays a fundamental role at Nors. On the one hand, it allows us to strategically adapt our workforce to the market and business demands; on the other, it will enable us to create and offer relevant content that promotes the development of current skills and needs.

With Development and Training Programs, we invest in creating and evolving soft skills, whether at an individual or Intra and Inter teams level. We promote a rewarding and distinctive experience by integrating our solutions to the digital transformation and the use of new technologies. In this manner, we guarantee a multigenerational workforce and distinct training journeys.

Nors business academy
In 2019, we further strengthened the investment in presential and digital learning solutions, through Nors Business Academy and our new e-learning platform. Thereby, we were able to promote more agile and individualized learning processes, as well as cover immediate needs — all through engaging and dynamic content. We registered a total of 272 active trainees involved in numerous formative projects, whether in a technical or behavioral field.

We emphasize our commitment towards capacitating our employees to master the English language, as a Nors strategic competence, through blended learning and individual coaching.

Simultaneously, our Employees’ development, our leaders’ preparation, and the creation of a leadership pipeline has assumed a vital role in our people management activity.

With this in mind, the potential and leadership development program was designed — the ROAD Project — in which more than 100 Nors’ Employees were involved. We carried out Assessment Centres to identify gaps, conducted individual feedback sessions with all our employees, and built personal development plans.

This allows us to boost the professional development of each employee and provide the organization with the necessary tools and know-how to manage performance, mobility, and engagement, in an objective, structured and transparent way.