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sharing our presence

nors live awards
This year, WE.NORS Awards — which distinguish the Employees whose talent, dedication, ability to innovate and entrepreneurship are most evident — and “Um de Nors” — an homage to the Employees who complete 20, 30 and 40 years at our service — were brought together for the first time at the Nors Live Awards.

The event had more than one hundred guests and was, as traditionally, broadcasted in web streaming to all of the countries in which we operate. In this seventh edition, WE.NORS Awards were, also for the first time, attributed by our Employees universal vote.

loop, buzz e muvi
This was the year that marked the launch of our new Intranet Platform — “LOOP” — as well as of two other communication and collaboration tools: the internal social network “Buzz,” and the corporate video channel “Muvi.” These tools aim to improve the Employee experience by making it more fluid, exciting, and, above else, more engaging. While aware that there is still work to be done, we emphasize that the experience thus far is highly positive.

patronage and social responsibility
Continuing our active and differentiated presence in the public space, we supported, through donations and partnerships, several organizations from the so-called third sector — in particular, cultural and social initiatives. In the cultural sphere, we highlight Casa da Música and Fundação Serralves. In the latter, we were, for the second consecutive year, patrons of the Contemporary Projects that were part of the exhibitions “Clube de Poesia de Horácio Frutuoso” and “Alguém devia dizer-nos o que é que realmente se está a passar”, by Nora Turato, found at the Museu de Arte Contemporânea de Serralves. For the second time as well, we were patrons of the “Jazz no Parque” program, an event that took place in the Fundação de Serralves Gardens, in three consecutive weekends. Regarding social action, we supported Porto’s Banco Alimentar Contra a Fome, Fundação Cupertino Miranda and Associação Vida Norte.

nors’ annual meeting
The 2019 Nors’ Annual Meeting brought our top management together and featured a brilliant intervention by PhD José Fernando Pinto dos Santos, under the theme “Management in a Multinational Company.”

apce award
Also this year, we were the selected winners in the “External Event up to 1000 people” category at the APCE Award — Portuguese Association for Corporate Communication 2019, for the international Startups contest “Nors Digital Disruptors,” promoted with our partners Chain Reaction and Desafio Global.