What is Nors? What is its business?

Born of 87 years of history and activity in Portugal, which started with the Volvo brand representation in 1933, Nors is a Portuguese company whose purpose is to drive your relationships further. Through trustworthy transport and mobility solutions, construction and agricultural equipment, aftermarket services, as well as any other offer that the future presents, we build trustful and expertise-focused relationships: together.

What is the reason for the name change in a Company with so many years, with such a striking identity and so well recognized in the national economic outlook?

Its historical high growth – anchored in a strong internationalization – and the expansion of its activities into new business areas, with different characteristics from Nors’ traditional activity, justified the need to create a comprehensive and aggregating corporate brand, which sustained the growth ambition on the one hand, and translated its diversity on the other. The change, in 2013, from the name Auto Sueco Group to Nors thus arises as a consequence of this ambition.

Why Nors? Where does it come from? Is it Swedish?

No, it is not a Swedish word. Nors is a proprietary word of our own, and that was our goal. We wanted our name to evoke a sense of direction, a course, and some ancestry regarding northern Europe, where our original business came to be and by which we are very marked culturally.

We also wanted for it to be intrinsically linked to people, our human capital, in short US (which in Portuguese is translated by “Nós”, a word similar to Nors, in both writing and sound). Call it a “NÓS” customized with the “R” from North. NORS represents our collective, our team, our organization, the ambition, charm and transparency that drives us further.

And isn’t there the danger of loss of the heritage associated with your old name?

We believe that this heritage remains naturally. Firstly because the Auto Sueco brand stands on its own, although now linked only to the Volvo business, and also because it is part of who we are, of what define us.

Our heritage is deeply rooted in our core values, in the way we always related with all our stakeholders. And continues to be cultivated by the recognition that we receive from them on how we work, our expertise,  the quality of what we present and our attitude, permanently guided by a charming, transparent, ambitious and personal approach.

We will continue to be recognized by our ability to drive your relationships further.

What are Nors’ business areas?

Nors today is a multinational with a wide scope of action, which conducts its activities in four main business areas:

Nors Mobility – drives your relationships further. We present you with trustworthy solutions that will answer your mobility and transportation needs. From heavy vehicles, as trucks and buses to light-duty solutions, we facilitate your work and personal connections by allowing you to move anywhere.

Nors Off-road – the opportunity for you to build a stronger business. From construction to agriculture and industrial equipment, we provide you with reliable and efficient machinery, suited to raise and grow your performance.

Nors Aftermarket – one solution ahead of taking your business further. Providing the right solution for your equipment maintenance, we’re specialized in aftermarket distribution of parts for cars, trucks and buses, construction glass and window film. We’ll take care of your journey, driving trust to every part.

Nors Ventures – fully dedicated to assure your future. From insurance mediation to environmental solutions, we aim to have a role in your safety, sustainability and other challenges that may come our way.

Where is Nors?

Currently, Nors is present in 17 countries across 4 continents.

In which countries is Nors present?

We have operations in Portugal, Spain, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Brazil, Turkey, Angola, Mozambique, Botswana, Namibia, Mexico, USA and Canada.

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