90 years Nors: a story of values, commitment, and humanism

Whenever I refer to Nors’ journey, it is unavoidable to talk about history, legacy and the long path that is part of our heritage. And this is a story that tells me much more than the business must tell. The Nors’ story is, in fact, the story of my family, my core, and the values that I most cherish as a professional, as a manager, and above all, as a person.

Today, with the immense unpredictability of our times, finding companies with stories as long and permanent as Nors’ is challenging. But so many people have marked our path – employees, families, partners – that it is undeniable that we can only embrace a way of growth and passion if we have the best people by our side. And we’ve always had.

From a handshake, which symbolised the beginning of a relationship that we could never imagine would be this long, in 1933, born the story that we bring to the world today. A journey made of moments of great ambition, optimism, and bravery but also of much wisdom, pragmatism, and thoughtfulness. We can only achieve the longevity we celebrate today with the balance of these ingredients.

Ninety years of Nors. A milestone made of a legacy that honours us so much and a constant ambition to challenge the future. Today, we celebrate and stand by this path, which should make us proud, grow and endure. For 90 years and another 90 years, together, we are, and we make Nors.

Message from Tomás Jervell
Group CEO Nors


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