2.2 innovation and development 2.2 innovation and development

We’re defined by our roots but also by a clear ambition to transform the future. Driven by this thirst for transformation, we’re continually looking for more challenging opportunities and taking our business, our people, and our purpose further.

Having this in mind, we face innovation with the unyielding resolve to absorb, know, and do more. We build it based on three main goals: ensure our ceaseless reinvention, offer a remarkable and user-centered experience, and continuously explore new businesses that challenge the sector’s frontier.

Through our projects, we embody this clear vision of a more agile, resilient, and robust future.

nors sun future blueprint

Nors Future Blueprint is our innovation program that aims to systematize the identification of strategic areas with high potential to transform Nors’ future.

The defined approach encapsulates three main stages — Suspend, Understand, and Nurture. Following the Suspend phase and an exciting and fruitful interaction with the innovation ecosystem — through the Nors Digital Disruptors startup competition, in 2019 — we focused on the Understand phase, mobilizing the organization to the development of a proprietary vision of what innovation means for Nors.

With the Moonshot Factory, we collided in ideas and perspectives, bringing together different audiences, in a divergence and convergence process designed to define our innovation purpose and to develop a portfolio of ideas throughout the three innovation horizons: incremental, disruptive and exploratory.

More than 1000 ideas were generated, later organized into 24 migration paths and 6 growth spaces, from which sprang the purpose through which all of Nors’ innovation must be considered: to be the engine of an intelligent transportation ecosystem.

In 2019, we organized and prioritized this significant body of ideas in initiatives and started its implementation through an Agile Office. The teams organize themselves, with considerable autonomy, around projects managed following the Agile methodology, in six months waves and six weeks sprints, always with the vital patronage from the organization top management, serving now as sponsors of the growth spaces created.

We also initiated the preparation of the Nurture phase, intended to capacitate Nors’ top leaders, on innovation issues, and the development of the entitled exponential leadership.

customer journey

To us, it’s a given that our success is rooted in the success of our Customers. In a world always on the move, with a more digital, shared, and responsible economy, it’s vital to be agile and flexible, not only to respond to our Customers and their businesses’ needs but also to foresee them.

With this in mind, the Customer Journey project aims to structure the commercial activity of Nors’ trucks and buses, as well as manage our relationship model with our Customers, according to their needs. This constant evaluation and understanding of what is essential adds exponential value to our Customers.

Currently, this project is being carried out at Auto Sueco Portugal, through 12 different initiatives, organized in 5 stages of implementation, presented bellow.



There’s a change happening in the transportation sector’s paradigm, particularly in the repair and maintenance process.

Aware of the importance of After Sales in our Customers’ satisfaction, we want to reinforce the core principles and values that drive the way we work and dedicate our selves to whom we serve.

In line with this intention, the Flow project focuses on workflows, associated organization, and planning, to achieve optimization and operational efficiency of the After Sales service.

Our main goal is to ensure quality, agility, transparency, and maintaining the trust of over 85 years of high-quality service.

This project is being implemented at Auto Sueco Portugal, covering the commercial, administrative, and operational activity of its After Sales Units. Having the promotion of a Premium Service as the ultimate goal, we defined four guidelines, presented bellow.


We are driven by the ambition to leverage our competitive business edge globally. Knowing that real change comes from within, we initiated, in 2017, an organizational transformation process — the CORE project.

Involving all of Nors’ functional areas in a period of more than 5 years and divided into 4 waves of implementation, we aim to unlock our companies growth and profitability potential. This process will enable them to have a solid foundation and a more substantial business model to embrace current and future challenges and opportunities. The CORE project is pillared in 4 main goals, presented bellow.


CORE has as its foundation the implementation of a new ERP — S4/Hana — as a unique, efficient and robust base that will leverage a continuous business transformation, while also guaranteeing the process standardization in favor of a Corporate Template.

This base will be complemented with CRM Cloud solutions — C/4 — Human Capital — SF — as well as with rapid development layer, adequately integrated, to meet the short term particular emerging needs, allowing more agility and higher and better responsiveness.

In 2019, we concluded the implementation of the new ERP in the Car Aftermarket in Portugal and in the back-office structure that supports this business.