2.1 2015—2020 2.1 2015—2020

the end of a cycle

2015 marked the beginning of a strategic development process designed to define Nors’ Wanted Position for 2020.

The First of two cycles was carried out between 2015 and 2018, based on three strategic pillars — Profitability, Consolidation, and Leadership. From these, multiple guidelines and subsequent actions were created and implemented, essential to a largely successful closing cycle.

In March 2018, the Second Cycle of this ambitious route began. Similar to what had happened previously, we defined the strategic pillars, guidelines, and actions to be implemented in 2020. They can be consulted in the following table.


Throughout 2018 and 2019, numerous initiatives and actions were developed.

Consciously continuing to invest in building a more robust and also more agile Nors, we stand prepared and confident in the face of the challenges and shifts that the automotive industry is going to endure.

Being now close to the culmination of another cycle, we foresee 2020 as the year in which we become one of the world’s leading mobility businesses. Driven by talented Employees, stakeholders with whom we established long-lasting relationships, and that certainly recognize our value.

We managed to increase our presence in the global market of mobility solutions due to the reach of a frugal organization and growing profitability.

Having traveled all this way, the Wanted Position 2020, defined 5 years ago, was achieved with a high success rate.