A personal organization


1.1. brand and communication 1.1. brand and communication

1.1.1. a brand to drive trust

We wanted to depict Nors’ soul.Rooted where our 87 years old success story meets
an immense desire to conquer the future.
We wanted to own our charisma and our ambition,
to acknowledge how much we value relationships and trust, to commit to the sobriety in our presence
and the transparency in our conduct. In everything we do. Nors’ brand is the voice of our entire organization.
It is the focal point of our identity.
Nors represents all of its people, all of its teams, all of its businesses, all of its companies.
It’s all of that, but even more.
It’s the whole that is much more than the sum of the parts
— and gives them meaning.

This is Nors’ unique might.

1.1.2. 2020 repositioning strategy

ambition stands for change

          a new identity for a new era

Regarding the positioning of our identity and our brand, 2019 was a year marked by our certainty and drive for transformation: designing new ambitions and frameworks to communicate more, better and with a clear purpose; and reaffirming our vision to be a group that speaks, stands and works for the future. Thus, it becomes clear that our brand is one of our most valuable assets. And if 2019 brought us the urge to transform and rethink how we approach the market, 2020 is the year to take action — bringing our identity and brand’s architecture to the future we envision. Rooted in an 87 years legacy that built our expertise, consistency, and notoriety, today, Nors’ brand also embraces the audacity and confidence to change and to take a step further. Living in a time in which ephemeral and fleeting paradigms are a part of our reality, questioning the status quo and looking towards what lies ahead is an act of integrity and strength.


Merging our leadership foresight with an agile and modern perspective towards innovative ways to approach the market, we’re facing a pivotal moment to rethink our brand, adopting new tools to communicate our identity. While preserving our inner essence, this strategy endorses, above all, the functional need to reorganize our diverse portfolio of brands and businesses. It guarantees a cross-sectional and conciliatory identity, capable of leveraging a paradigm of consistency and coherence, simultaneously respecting the idiosyncrasies and individuality of each of our business areas. Along with the functional and organizational aspects, the need to amplify the communication of our brand’s emotional benefits requires a clear and personal approach, one we also endorse through this new repositioning strategy. By combining a modern branding architecture with new key-visuals, channels, and communication supports, we seek to convey a sober, consistent, and elegant positioning that is closer to our core and essence.

repositioning our drivers

          main goals behind our repositioning strategy

Leveraging Nors’ identity as a conciliator
The main goal of this new brand architecture is to leverage Nors’ identity, elevating the parent brand’s corporate persona among its different brands and business areas.

This empowering exercise will act as a conciliator, ensuring that
our diverse portfolio of products and services, presented through a powerful and authentic identity, is cohesive and robust.


Business brands legacy and market notoriety
Our business brands have a solid notoriety in the market, built through years of history. Their personality and character stem from this individuality, the basis of their identity.

As brands that represent other brands, they have inherent standards to respect related to their main brands’ products and services. With this uniqueness, our strategy relies on the need to respect the authenticity of each business area.


A new layer of consistency
Comprehending a new layer in our brand architecture — in which, through a monolithic approach, we exalt our business areas with their own identity — allows us to leverage brand equity across all products and services. This process will help us organize, cluster, and segment our organizational structure: on the one hand, we’ll guarantee the credibility and strength of the corporate brand and, on the other, preserve the uniqueness, distinction, and specialization that comes with owning strategic business brands.

a scenario to drive trust

          brand architecture and positioning strategy

Our brand’s new strategic focus envisions a more modern and distinctive Nors, concepts in which we rely on to help us create a human, connected, and purpose-driven positioning. Shaping the very essence of our brand, we’re committed to having a strong and memorable role in the market in which we operate. Using a Brand Architecture Pyramid as a solid branding reinforcement will also help us leverage our Customer’s loyalty, inspire our Employees’ sense of belonging, and systemize our leadership’s strategic decisions.

brand architecture pyramid

          Establishing our brand’s essence

the right tools to the right purpose

          Brand new elements

The Tagline
The brand’s new tagline exudes our personality, comprising every element of our character and fostering, above all, a future-forward attitude. By combining our core transparency with our relentless ambition, this three-word signature fits our market approach and the current momentum perfectly.

Branding redefinition
In order to support each brand with Nors’ personality elements, we created a graphic element that endorses them. As presented below, the “N” exponentiation grants identity and balances the group’s different brands while allowing them to maintain their autonomy.

This differentiating element also has four variations, applied to each brand depending on the business area they belong to.