5.1. nors’ sustainability program 5.1. nors’ sustainability program

redefining the future

Inspired by the Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations in 2015, we are certain that our future performance relies more than ever on understanding the global challenges which have an overall material impact in our business and identifying the associated opportunities and risks. It becomes quite clear that corporate responsibility has to be a part of our corporate and innovation strategy.

In order to ensure the exact alignment needed for a successful implementation, we are developing the Sustainable Motions program, a conscious strategy focused on offering specific solutions — and always with the human dimension at the center of this vision. This program embraces all of our value chains. It will be developed, as presented below, in five fields of action — Services, Supply Chain, People, Community, and Integrity — each with its priority.

Our commitment is unequivocal — create value in a sustainable manner. We believe that the opportunities that we have will only continue to exist if our ambition encompasses the protection of what’s in its origins — the planet and the people. It’s time to go further.