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Before working at Nors, I worked for Erne-Mix Forwarders, as an Administrative Assistant.
I had no training to work in this area.

Nilda began working at Nors more than two years ago, as an Administrative at Mulemba store. I had many difficulties in the beginning, but then I was trained by Telma Vieira and started understanding things; after 3 months I was given the task of validating 5 cashiers in AS PARTS stores. As I showed work, humility and commitment, tasks and responsibilities increased and now I am the administrative in charge of AS PARTS Angola, coordinating 6 assistants and supporting the area of Stock Management.

I am the Coordinator of Administrative Personnel at AS PARTS Angola; the goal is to guide and control the administrative management, supervising file organization (invoices), controlling cashiers and monitoring their remittance to SPASA.

The moment that I take most pride in occurred last year, when I won the award for best administrative of the year in AS Parts, and also the various training sessions I have been receiving within the company. The company has also profited from these sessions, because I have applied them in my daily tasks, receiving many compliments from my superiors and colleagues.
In terms of career development, the new challenge is to support the stock management area.

One of the more rewarding aspects of working here at AS PARTS, is the fact that my superior trusts me, and gives me the power to decide. He never grows tired of teaching and is always willing to teach me when I have doubts about a task. And the training that I have received has helped a lot in my daily tasks.

My activities away from work consist in spending a long time with my family, to recover the little time I have had to stay with them due to work. I also like listening to music, talking, reading; the impact it has on my professional life is that by talking to people who help us open up our minds, we put some ideas into practice in our work, such as behavior changes when dealing with colleagues.