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Creditors Clerk

Having an experience on both hospitality and customer service I have worked for Cresta hotels for many years and it was exciting to work there because we were told about programs on how to eat healthy food and stay fit. Apart from the healthy food we had the programs were really motivating.

I joined Nors in 2008 as a Receptionist. It was really attractive to me because the company is operating in different countries. Further more Nors works with competitors like Scania, Mercedez and Nissan which makes me interact with different clients and queries on daily basis. i was then upgraded to work as a Creditors Clerk which i thought its going to be difficult for me and insted it was GREAT working in that field and the people here are great and the atmosphere is great too.

I am currently working as a Creditors Clerk and my first interaction with Nors , I realised that the company was fully committed tp offering the highest level of service to its clients and each year am exposed to new roles in which I learn eciting challenges. I Value working with our customers and am thankfull for the strong, supportive relationship i have been able to develop with my Managers.

The year that was…..2012 when my Boss Mr. Don Cairns was awarded the BEST LEADERSHIP ACAO AWARD 2012 and this has really motivated me & my colleques to achive hogher performance levels . We had recently had a launch of our latest Volvo Trucks Range and I participated in a lot of activities that were there and i interected with a lot of customers who were really impressed to see what we had for them for example ... the Products. Customers had the chance to test drive our products and ever since that lauch we are having a lot of enquiries and i would say this launch had really worked for Nors.

The 6 years that I have been with the company are most rewarding and they are the best learning years of my career. One of the greatest advantages to work for this company has been the opportunity to work in various departments. As long as you have the determination to work hard there are no limits to how far you can reach. If you want to work in a GREAT enviroment.... NORS is the place to be.

Masego Mabina is from Botswana and she has trained with Bridges of Hope Training - this training is basically to deliver training sessions using Bridges of Hope toolkit at workplaces , schools, community & other groups. It teaches how to change behaviour for health and wellness.