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I’ve worked for AST since 2007 when i was too young aged 23, i was from college so this is my first job. I started as tools helper. I undergo mechanics training at the college but I didn’t have experiences at all.

"David joined AST more than seven years ago as a tools helper for the workshop section. He recalls, “I had a great career coach who shared his experience with me. It was hard work, but you really get to understand the technical ideal when you work in the field.” he mentioned his name (Tiago). After a year, he was promoted to the position of Assistant Mechanics. A year later promoted to Mechanic two (Mechanic II) After two years as Mechanic II, he was promoted to the position of Mechanic I which his posses the same position to date." 

I am the Mechanics I, is senior position in workshop where by I can work independently and with maximum confidence. I used to advise my superior in case of any defect or changes during my work performance.

Apart from working independently am able to train and guide others on how to do work in proper manner"My proudest moment within the company came this year when I was train more than 5 staffs who employed by AST and today they are able to work independently. Also various field work students who has pass through AST workshop they asking for advise and me to be their mentor. Only three things i used to tell them."    1. Possitive attitude toward work and collegue 2. Ambition/Desire and 3. Honest/trust worthy that is the only weapon to reach far in terms of growth and profesionallism.

"The great thing is that i see AST is growing day to day from one level to another Example: Before we was working only in Dar Es Salaam but now we open the hub in Mwanza. also we grow in terms of working standard we current have the policy and guidelines in place.
I think that working for Volvo is very rewarding, being part of a team which is leading in the world in our industry (contsruction equipments/trucks. And I feel that the Volvo culture wants to include the team in how we move forward which I think must be a difficult task in such a large organisation, yet that is probably one of the reasons for AST diverse workforce."

"Reading novels/books related to my field.”