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Incentive programs

In order to train our employees more and better, Nors group has a series of programs to support training, which will boost the skills of everyone who makes this company successful.

See the programs that are available:

- TOP LEVEL Program

The TOP LEVEL program aims to boost and develop soft skills in the main decision makers and influencers. So there are contents and work tools that allow the development of leadership and work team motivation and communication skills.

- ToBe Program: (The program is called the ToBe Program in the guide given to the students)

The aim of the ToBe program is to train managers who are able to understand the organisational challenges they face on a daily basis. It intends to provide the participants with theoretical skills they can apply in the organisational context and give them the skills that enable them to consider the probable consequences of certain policies and how they can be managed.

- INOV Contacto Program:

The INOV Contacto - International Internships for Young Managers Program is a project that aims to support the training of youths with higher education in an international context. The initiative is supported by the European Union and by the NSRF/HPOP and it is run by AICEP Portugal Global.

Given Nors’ investment in a strategy of expansion and the search for youths with high potential who can contribute towards the continued success of the group, we are launching a challenge to participate in the next edition of the INOV Contacto program.