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Volvo Trucks launches limited edition of the FH 25 Years.

Volvo Trucks launches limited edition of the FH 25 Years.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of its iconic model, which went on the market in 1993, Volvo is launching a special “FH 25 YEARS” edition. Available in two versions (FH and FH 16), this Volvo FH limited series will only be produced this year and in 2019. “Volvo FH is the perfect representation of a customer-focused mindset and a model that has been pushing the boundaries for a quarter of a century. This magnificent edition truck is therefore both a tribute to the first 25 years and a starting point for our continued successful journey with customers and drivers”, states Claes Nilsson, President of Volvo Trucks. With almost a million trucks sold worldwide, the Volvo FH is one of the most popular models among drivers.

The FH 25 years has a distinctive exterior and interior design. “The first-generation Volvo FH meant so much for Volvo Trucks and the whole industry. It was a milestone; in fact, it was a game changer that totally transformed the perception of a modern truck. Working on the design of the special edition truck has been a real honour.” says Nigel Atterbury, Senior Graphic Designer at Volvo Trucks.

The cabin’s exterior is contemporary with a retro touch. The silver/grey and orange décor highlights the origin of the truck. The latter has elegant stripes, symbolising the number 25 to mark the anniversary. They combine 3D effects with shadows to remind us of the design at the beginning of the 90s and to give the truck a special appearance. It comes in two colours: mid-dark metallic grey (Mammoth Tree Metallic) and a shiny red (Crimson Pearl), the latter as a modern tribute to the original red cabin of 1993. The inside reveals a “luxurious” environment. To improve the driving experience, the seats and headrest combine cloth with leather to provide exceptional comfort. There are also touches of orange on the safety belts, curtains, mats and reflective door decals, reminding us that “safety has always been a key element of the Volvo FH”.

Claes Nilsson, President of Volvo Trucks, sees the Volvo FH as the foundation of Volvo Trucks, as it combines design, performance and a state-of-the art interior for drivers. Claes Nilsson remembers how the bold release in 1993 marked the beginning of a very successful era for Volvo Trucks.

“We were coming to the end of a recession but decided to take a risk. We launched the FH at the right time and had the most attractive product when the economy and the transport market began to grow again”, says Claes Nilsson.

The first version was based on a new chassis with a dynamic design, facilitating flexible solutions for different transport uses. However, it was the new cabin that really showed just how special the Volvo FH was. Volvo Trucks decided early on to focus on the driver and more than 1,500 drivers provided their feedback about the developments. The final result: a much safer and more comfortable cabin that created a new experience as far as driving, rest and sleep were concerned.

“Volvo Trucks has always been focused on the future. Launching the FH was a huge step, a step that really showed our engineers’ commitment to using new technology to give added value to our customers and drivers”, states Claes Nilsson.

As far as drivers are concerned, that dedication means no less than three cabin transformations between 1993 and 2008. In 2012, the brand-new Volvo FH was launched, with a completely new cabin and an integrated I-Park Cool air-conditioning system, creating outstanding comfort. In addition, resources such as the Volvo Dynamic Steering (2013) made for easier, more stable and precise driving, reducing injury due to exertion.

Besides the driver's comfort, safety has been a guiding star in the cabin design. During the developments, the truck underwent thousands of simulated collision tests and hundreds of real collision tests. In brief, every detail of the exterior and interior design makes the Volvo FH the safest truck that Volvo has developed so far.

“This truck really shows how Volvo Trucks is driving progress and continues to set new standards in trucking, just like the Volvo FH has done since 1993”, concludes Tomas Thuresson, Global Long-Haul Segment Manager at Volvo Trucks.

Volvo FH is the only model to be nominated Truck of the Year three times, in 1994, 2000 and 2014, and with almost a million units of the model sold. At the 1993 launch, Volvo Trucks announced that the future had already arrived. Twenty-five years later, the company restates that the Volvo FH is still the truck of the future.

“There are so many possibilities to create incredible improvements. We shall explore all of them to ensure that the Volvo FH remains the drivers’ first choice and continues to generate profit for our customers. Without revealing too much, I could say that the next few years will be even more exciting than the first twenty-five”, concludes Claes Nilsson.