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VOLVO ”Healthy Driver’s Practical Guide”

VOLVO ”Healthy Driver’s Practical Guide”

Better Quality of Life behind the wheel of a Volvo

Volvo has always been a leader in road safety. All of its truck’s Safety systems are a global reference and this is one of its fundamental values. The Quality and Comfort provided to a daily driver of a Volvo Truck clearly shows the importance and value that the brand sees in all Drivers.

Driving a heavy vehicle is a demanding and tiring profession. And it’s for all those that make their living day after day behind the wheel that Auto Sueco Portugal, inspired by Volvo’s values, has now created the ”Healthy Driver’s Practical Guide” – an advice manual dealing with various areas which helps drivers to be aware and prevent problems such as inactivity due to the long hours spent sitting, poor nutrition, or dehydration, among other things.

With the help of this practical guide, Auto Sueco Portugal encourages drivers of Volvo vehicles to adopt certain daily habits, such as a healthy diet which is better adapted to their type of work; taking regular exercise, such as stretching, in and outside of the cabin in order to reduce the discomfort caused by spending long hours in the same position; promoting a diet which allows them to drive better and more comfortably; and not understating the importance of rest and a restorative sleep regime.

Volvo designs all of its trucks with drivers’ comfort and safety in mind – and this practical guide reminds us that, more important than the vehicle itself, is always the person driving it.

The ”Healthy Driver’s Practical Guide”, created by Auto Sueco Portugal, is available through its media platforms, as well as at all of its sites.

See the “Healthy Driver's Practical Guide” here (only in Portuguese):

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