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Volvo Fuel Challenger

Volvo Fuel Challenger brings more efficient consumption and driving to the FH range

More advantages, lower costs, greater savings

Volvo Trucks and Auto Sueco Portugal, a company of the Nors Group, have just introduced the latest member of the FH family to the market, which comes with savings, maximum performance, optimised efficiency and was specially configured to reduce fuel consumption by 5%: the Volvo Fuel Challenger.

Fuel Efficiency
Aiming to significantly decrease fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions and the impact on the environment, the Volvo Fuel Challenger has the most efficient configuration on the market. Equipped with a 500cv engine and new gear box control software, it was developed for use by long-haul fleets and includes installation of the latest version of I-SEE, Volvo’s Intelligent Cruise Control System, which anticipates gradients, managing speed limit control for maximum efficiency, saving over 5% in fuel.

Maximising Driver Cost-Effectiveness
Volvo Trucks knows the weight that efficient driving can represent within the costs of an operation, which is why it strongly invests in Driver Training. The Volvo Fuel Challenger includes a training pack that will help the driver to create efficient driving standards in terms of fuel and long-term sustainable savings. In addition, the driver receives driving tips directly in the truck, in real time, as well as the evolution of his or her Fuel Efficiency Score.

Repairs and Maintenance
The Volvo Fuel Challenger benefits from an Assistance Contract designed exclusively for this model, guaranteeing maximum productivity, reducing unplanned stoppages and increasing the vehicle’s driving time.

Access to an exclusive competition via Dynafleet
All Volvo FH Fuel Challenger vehicles will be monitored on a monthly basis via Dynafleet and there will be a National Efficiency Ranking. The best driver will be revealed on 30th June 2020.

Specifications of the Volvo Fuel Challenger
• Engine: 500cv
• Cabin: Globetrotter
• Auxiliary brake: VEB+ or Retarder
• Tyres: Class A energy efficiency on all axles
• I-SEE Intelligent Cruise Control
• I-SHIFT special gearbox software
• I-SHIFT control on the dashboard
• Optimised aerodynamics
• Reduced-tare rear suspension
• Assistance Contract designed to maximise the vehicle’s roadworthiness
• Pack of 10h certified training and follow-up included
• Access to a competition via Dynafleet
• Specific graphics

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