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Renault Trucks launches T High Renault Sport Racing model in a series limited to 99 units

Renault Trucks launches T High Renault Sport Racing model in a series limited to 99 units

Renault Trucks and Renault Sport Racing have combined their expertise to create a truck with an unprecedented design in a limited series that is the perfect blend of industrial excellence and technological innovation.

The T High Sport Racing model is the result of the perfect union of what Renault Trucks and Renault Sport Racing do best, a T High launched in a series limited to 99 units, with an exceptional design, equipped with a 13-liter, 520 hp engine (DTI 13) and an Optidriver robotised gearbox, a technological benchmark in the heavy-duty vehicle industry, which combines driving pleasure with outstanding performance.

The brand's prestigious vehicle, the T High model, is equipped with a flat floor and an impressive on-board space. The quality of manufacture is evident in the smallest details of this limited series, which is within the reach of very few: leather upholstery with stitching, three-layer paint technology and impressive interior finishes.

As for design, the T High Renault Sport Racing model sports the spectacular yellow Sirius, an emblematic color of Renault Sport Racing and its Formula 1 cars. On the road, its sporty look is unparalleled.


Main standard equipment

The T High Renault Sport Racing model features a wide range of standard equipment, namely the sound, entertainment and touch navigation of the 7 'Roadpad, as well as the Fuel Eco and Protect packages.

With regard to the interior finishes, it has an impressive Recaro® upholstery in black leather with yellow stitches, panoramic dashboard with finishes in black, black leather steering wheel with yellow stitches and the Renault Trucks’ shining black diamond, interior color scheme in gray, yellow sleeve on seat belts, Renault Sport Racing branded main display, air conditioning independent of body tone, high density foam bed with yellow stitching, fans with a yellow outline, interior trim of doors with a yellow and black finish and carpet with logo in yellow.

Regarding the standard equipment of the exterior, worthy of note is the triple layer paint in Sirius yellow and shiny checkered black, the rearview mirror covers painted in the shade of the body in black gloss, steel wheels and wheel caps with paint of the tone of the body in yellow, bright yellow sun visor, side fairings with yellow and black extensions, black nameplate, roof baffle in the same color as the body with a shiny black diamond and black radiator grille.