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The fifth edition of the Optifuel Challenge, an eco-efficient driving challenge organised by Renault Trucks, is about to begin. A total of more than 2000 drivers from all over the world will compete behind the wheel of a Renault Trucks T High from their respective countries. The best driver from each country (whoever consumes the least fuel without compromising on speed) will participate in October’s international grand finale in Lyon, with the chance of winning one of the vehicles used in the test. Galius, a Nors Group company, will oversee the organisation of the national competition in Portugal.

Created in 2012 and focussed mainly on eco-efficient driving, the Optifuel Challenge incorporates Renault Trucks’ commitment to encouraging drivers to save fuel from the very first mile, because reducing consumption is not solely down to the vehicle.

National selections
2000 drivers, across all 25 participating countries, compete for a single spot in the national finals. Each country organises its national competitions and chooses its most eco-efficient driver. The participating drivers will be assessed and classified according to their respective Ecoscore results, a feature of Optifleet. The Ecoscore tool assesses the abilities of individual drivers and operation of the truck through an algorithm developed on the back of more than 20 years of experience in eco-friendly driving at Renault Trucks.

The system evaluates driving efficiency based on three main criteria:
• Anticipation (use of the vehicle’s inertia and the brake pedal)
• Proper use of the vehicle (time spent in the efficiency zone)
• Time spent with the engine on idling speed

In Portugal, Galius will organise the competitions according to the following calendar:
• 4th of June - National competition, in Aveiro, at Renacentro
• 6th of June - National competition at the Galius Santarém site
• 12th of June - National Final at the Galius Lisbon site

Get Involved!
For the first time Galius challenges Portuguese drivers to take part in one of the national Optifuel Challenge races by signing up at the Galius Club through the link: There are 5 seats available in each of the National Competitions.

International final
The finalists from each of the 25 countries participating in the competition will face each other in the international grand finale in October 2019, in Lyon, France. The final will be split into two parts: first, participants will answer a questionnaire which will gauge their knowledge of eco-friendly driving; afterwards, they will take a driving test on the open road in a Renault Trucks T High truck, fitted with a Fuel Eco + pack. The winner will be the driver to consume the least fuel without compromising on commercial speed.

List of the 25 participating countries:
Algeria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Chile, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Hungary, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Morocco, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Tunisia, Turkey, Ukraine and the UK.