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NORS Digital Disruptors

NORS Digital Disruptors

12 finalists out of 94 submissions from 22 countries compete for the grand prize on 19th October

• Nors Digital Disruptors is an international competition among startups in the mobility, logistics, fintech and customer experience area, aiming to find the best disruptive solutions in the Nors Group’s main business areas.

• 94 applications submitted from 22 countries

• 12 finalists from Portugal, France and the United States at a live pitch to defend their work

• Pitches presented on 19th October at Museu do Carro Elétrico (Tram Museum) in Porto • Winning startup awarded a year’s incubation in the Nors Group and 10 thousand euros

The Nors Group is anticipating market trends with Nors Digital Disruptors, a competition among startups with a concept that stems from its commitment to sustainable innovation and which presents the Group to the international innovation ecosystem.

As the group’s CEO, Tomás Jervell, explains, “developing an ownership vision of what innovation means to Nors is essential for determining how we will deal with our future challenges” and so that is why it is investing in partnerships such as Portugal Ventures and UPTEC to carry through this initiative, at an event produced by Chain Reaction, the digital transformation agency.

Nors Digital Disruptors received a total of 94 applications from 22 countries, notably Portugal with 20 applications; Spain with 6; the United Kingdom with 5; Brazil, the United States and India with 4; Israel with 3 and France with 2.

Of the four eligible competing categories - Mobility Services Disruption, Client Experience and Logistics, Value-Added Vehicle Products and Services and Credit and Customers Finance Solutions - the first was the great favourite of the startups with 42% of the submissions, and the remaining with 26%, 18% and 14% respectively, meaning that the competing startups are clearly investing in mobility solutions and services.

For the Nors Digital Disruptors grand finale, 12 startups were selected, 9 of which are Portuguese, who presented their pitch to a panel of judges comprising Tomás Jervell, CEO of the Nors Group, Rui Miranda, CFO of Nors, Jorge Guimarães, Executive Director of Nors Brazil, Manuela Vaz, Managing Director of Accenture Porto, João Pereira, Director of Portugal Ventures and Clara Gonçalves, Executive Director of UPTEC, reinforcing the partnerships on which the group is leveraging its digital transformation strategy. The winning startup will be awarded with a year’s incubation in the Nors Group and a pecuniary prize to the value of 10,000 euros. Those in second and third place will receive a pecuniary prize of €1500 and €500, respectively.


FreightTrust (Portugal) 
Platform based on blockchain technology for logistics and supply chain management, helping companies with their contract management and to monitor cargo, its location and delivery/arrival times. 

Stroma vision (United States of America) 
Facial recognition system that monitors and understands the driver’s behaviour and makes it possible to reduce the number of accidents and to issue warnings to the driver. 

Eiver car (France) 
Platform that helps drivers to reduce the budget they use for their vehicle and the pollution they emit, while also fostering accident prevention, by collecting the driver’s driving data. 

Convoicar (France) 
Private car collection and delivery to the owner, a service using professional drivers to drive the vehicle to the workshop when it needs maintenance. 

Follow Inspiration (Portugal) 
Solution based on technology such as computer vision and sensors to equip smart mobility solutions. 

Ubirider (Portugal) 
Platform bringing together all the existing mobility services in a single app, optimising the urban user’s experience and including payment solutions. Wave Function VR (Portugal) Company developing virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) business solutions for consumer interaction in immersive experiences. 

IZIRepair (Portugal) 
Platform helping the user to find the best solutions regarding garages and maintenance for vehicles. 

Fuelsave (Portugal) 
Platform for logistics companies, which collects data on their drivers’ service, to optimise routes and reduce the fuel used. 

MUB Cargo (Portugal) 
Platform for order deliveries in Europe, with access to over 400 transporters in a single system. 

Invisible Collector (Portugal) 
Platform based on artificial intelligence technology to help companies collect debt and to optimise accounting management. 

LOKA Systems (Portugal) 
System that monitors all the company’s assets, with information about it in real time, enabling relevant data to be collected and to reduce the need for those assets’ maintenance. 

The event will take place in Museu do Carro Elétrico (Tram Museum) in Porto on 19th October, starting at 2 pm, investing in the increasing development the region has been demonstrating in the areas of innovation and entrepreneurship, and represents an excellent networking opportunity for the startups involved, as well as for them to gain renown with the partners involved, the main Portuguese media and the major players in the Portuguese entrepreneurial community.