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New benefit programme for customers with their own workshops

New benefit programme for customers With their own workshops

Galius, a Nors Group company and Renault Trucks’ sole representative in Portugal, has just launched the MOVE programme, which is aimed at customers with their own workshops and is focused on providing them with solutions which will guarantee the useful life of their vehicles, with a set of benefits including, among other things, specialised training, access to a set of Renault Trucks workshop tools, privileged access to workshop services, and a replacement vehicle.

This programme takes on 3 forms:

MOVE – Preventive maintenance, a form of monitoring which aims to ensure the preventive maintenance recommended by Renault Trucks in order to prolong the useful life of the vehicle. This includes the monitoring of filters, brake pads, suspension bellows and straps, among other things. In return, the customer will have access to a wide range of benefits including training carried out by technicians specialised to their teams, a maintenance check list, performance of electronic diagnostics, monitoring of service campaigns, etc.

MOVE - Mobility, a technical advice service aimed at guaranteeing exceptional vehicle performance, including a prior analysis of the customer’s entire fleet carried out on their premises by a technical team. The life (age and mileage) of the starting motor, alternator and clutch, among other aspects, will be assessed in comparison with the ideal. After the assessment, a proposal will be made to avoid potential future breakdowns.

MOVE – Collision, in which Galius will ensure provision of a replacement vehicle in the event of an accident and breakdown, until the vehicle is fully repaired.

This programme forms part of a set of measures for continuous improvement and customer loyalty, with the aim of increasing overall satisfaction and the need to provide the customer with conditions that ensure the maximum reliability, durability and operational efficiency of the Renault Trucks vehicles in their fleet. It is also focused on the customers themselves, who, through this project, Galius aims to provide with a wide range of benefits allowing them to decrease their downtime and therefore respond immediately to the demands of their own customers.