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IZIRepair is the overall winner of Nors Digital Disruptors

IZIRepair is the overall winner of Nors Digital Disruptors

• IZIRepair, Fuelsave, Ubirider and Convoicar, in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ex aequo, respectively, are the startups that won the international mobility, logistics, fintech and customer experience competition;

• IZIRepair, the winning startup awarded 10 thousand euros and a year’s incubation in the Nors Group;

• The winning startups, 3 Portuguese and one French, excelled out of a total of 94 candidates from 22 countries.

The results are already known about the four winning startups of Nors Digital Disruptors, an international competition among startups promoted by the Nors Group, in partnership with Chain Reaction, the digital transformation agency, aiming at finding the best disruptive solutions in the Nors Group’s main business areas, in a concept that stems from the Group’s commitment to sustainable innovation and which presents the Group to the international innovation ecosystem.

The winners- IZIRepair, Fuelsave, Ubirider and Convoicar, 1st, 2nd and 3rd place ex aequo, respectively - were selected from a group of 12 finalists, who last Friday, the 19th October, presented their projects and proposals for synergies with the Nors Group to a panel of judges comprising Tomás Jervell, CEO of the Nors Group, Rui Miranda, CFO of Nors, Jorge Guimarães, Executive Director of Nors Brazil, Manuela Vaz, Managing Director of Accenture Porto, João Pereira, Director of Portugal Ventures and Clara Gonçalves, Executive Director of UPTEC.

Three of the winning startups are Portuguese and one is French, and they were chosen based on the value proposals presented at the final. The winning firm, IZIRepair, will now have access to a year’s incubation in the Nors Group and a pecuniary prize to the value of 10,000 euros. Those in second and third place will receive a pecuniary prize of €1500 and €500, respectively.

The 4 overall winners are:

IZIRepair (Portugal)
Platform helping the user to find the best solutions regarding garages and maintenance for vehicles.

Fuelsave (Portugal)
Platform for logistics companies, which collects data on their drivers’ service, to optimise routes and reduce the fuel used.

Ubirider (Portugal)
Platform bringing together all the existing mobility services in a single app, optimising the urban user’s experience and including payment solutions.

Convoicar (France)
Private car collection and delivery to the owner, a service using professional drivers to drive the vehicle to the workshop when it needs maintenance.

In the opinion of Tomás Jervell, CEO of the Nors Group: “Nors Digital Disruptors represents the first step in the Group’s innovation investment strategy and was the quickest way we found to enter the ecosystem and make contact with major projects that are being developed. But not only that, the objective is also to develop our organisation’s ability to look at this project constructively and critically, to stimulate the organisation to think about innovation and new ways of doing business, adding business and opening up horizons”, he concluded.

Vitor Soares, from IZIRepair, the winning startup of this 1st edition of Nor Digital Disruptors, points out that: “more than just winning, we competed with the objective of establishing networking and having the opportunity to have contact with Nors in the future, to understand how we can help Nors and how Nors can help us from a partnership perspective. More than just the monetary value, achieving this prize gives us the certainty that we're going to be able to work with Nors and achieve growth with the input of a major player in the automotive sector, where we want to grow. We have achieved more than we wanted to obtain at the outset and we are delighted with this opportunity to work with Nors in the near future, which will certainly help us to evolve to a new level”.

Nors Digital Disruptors received a total of 94 applications from 22 countries, notably Portugal with 20 applications; Spain with 6; the United Kingdom with 5; Brazil, the United States and India with 4; Israel with 3 and France with 2.