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Galius, a Nors group company and sole representative of Renault Trucks in Portugal, has begun delivering vehicles using Virtual Reality technology. iReality is the new educational project for Advanced Driving Skills driven by Virtual Reality (VR), a cutting-edge piece of entertainment technology provided by Galius and developed in partnership with Hivolve. This project transports the driver to a unique space where they will be faced with a new learning experience which is more interactive, immersive, sensory, flexible, and is adapted to their own needs.

The new space will provide its users with evolutionary driving skills, with two visions in mind. The first is focused on improving fuel efficiency, sustainability, prolonging the useful life of the vehicle and optimising its operational performance. The second objective is based on giving drivers the knowledge they need to increase their level of comfort behind the wheel, as well as their own safety, that of the vehicle, its cargo and of the other road users.

This project is supported by 360º cameras and the new Samsung Gear ™ powered by Oculus ™ (or Gear VR), a virtual reality device operated via a Samsung Galaxy smartphone and a micro USB connection. The journey is divided into three parts: the first is dedicated to learning about external access to the vehicle, the second is devoted to the understanding and complete knowledge of existing controls and, in the final section, all of the information imparted in the previous units is put into practice with a road test.

Here the tour of virtual reality and the exploration of new worlds goes deeper, with high-precision light-scattering technology and a wide field of vision allowing smooth and natural images, in an utterly immersive experience.

This project is already available at Galius Porto and Lisbon and is backed up by a team of consultants qualified in advanced driving skills, who will always be on hand for any further queries relating to the correct use of Renault Trucks vehicles.