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Carlos Coimbra (RIBERCER) is the most eco-efficient portuguese driver

Carlos Coimbra (RIBERCER) is the most eco-efficient portuguese driver

National winner to represent Portugal in the International Final in Lyon in October

The Portuguese Final of the Optifuel Challenge 2019, which took place at Galius Lisbon’s facilities in Castanheira do Ribatejo, brought together the 11 drivers selected during the 2 Portuguese stages – in Aveiro at the Renacentro and at Galius Santarém - and named Carlos Coimbra (Ribercer) the winner, with Rui Moreira (Torrestir) and Bruno Martins (Transportes Coelho Mariano) joining him on the podium, in 2nd and 3rd place respectively.

Carlos Coimbra will represent Portugal at the International Final which will be held in Lyon in October.

“Galius took over operation of Renault Trucks in 2015 and this is the third Optifuel that we have organised since then - I would say we’ve been growing. In the 2019 edition we had 60 drivers involved, with a view to awarding the most eco-efficient driver. This is a topic which tells us a great deal, first and foremost because of environmental awareness, but also because it’s obviously an extremely important issue for the sustainability of companies, particularly in the consumer economy”, said Ricardo Gomes, Executive Director of Galius. “Aside from that, it’s always a day in which we bring together clients, employees and drivers and it’s a great way to strengthen relations. In two years we’ll be back here again”, he added.

Carlos Coimbra, winner of the Optifuel Challenge 2019 states, “This victory was very important to me as well as to the people around me, especially to the trainer who helped me to win today’s competition. I’m going to Lyon to give it my all and of course with the aim of trying to win.”

Now in its fifth edition, the Optifuel Challenge is an eco-efficient driving competition organised by Renault Trucks. In total, more than 2000 drivers from all over the world competed in their respective countries from behind the wheel of a Renault Trucks T High, with the selected driver from each country going on to participate in the international grand finale.

Created in 2012 and with an overall focus on eco-efficient driving, the Optifuel Challenge incorporates Renault Trucks’ commitment to encouraging drivers to save fuel from the very first mile, because reducing consumption is not solely down to the vehicle.