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Auto Sueco delivers the first Volvo FH LNG in Portugal

Auto Sueco delivers the first Volvo FH LNG in Portugal

On 23rd December last year, Auto Sueco delivered the 1st liquefied natural gas-powered Volvo FH LNG to CM Tir Transportes Nacionais e Internacionais SA, thereby reinforcing its offer of alternative fuels in the market.

The new FM and FM LNG models, powered by liquefied natural gas or biogas and presented at the end of 2017, are available in 420 hp or 460 hp versions for long-haul operations or heavy regional transport and have the same performance, driving characteristics and fuel consumption as the diesel-powered models.

This is possible due to Volvo’s choice of the Diesel cycle, instead of the conventional Otto cycle (with ignition spark-plugs) for gas-powered vehicles. The new 13-litre 460 hp gas-powered engine has a maximum torque of 2300 Nm, whilst the 420 version produces 2100 Nm, exactly the same as the corresponding diesel engines and with the same fuel consumption, which is around 15 to 20% less than conventional gas-powered engines. As such, with the new models, operators choosing natural gas as an alternative fuel do not have to comprise the productivity of their vehicles.

In addition, the CO2 emissions are 20 to 100% lower in comparison to diesel, depending on the choice of fuel, enabling the brand and its customers to clearly tackle the environmental challenges linked to global warming and to comply with the European Union’s strategy for decarbonising the transport sector.

The vehicle delivered to CM TIR is equipped with a 460 hp gas-powered engine, an I-Shift gear box complemented with I-SEE (Smart Cruise Control) and V.E.B. + (Volvo Engine Brake Plus).

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