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A matter of life or death. Volvo is the safest option, and the preferred choice of drivers

A matter of life or death. Volvo is the safest option, and the preferred choice of drivers

Today we’re sharing astounding images. Watch the moment in which one of our Volvo FH16 trucks is involved in a high-impact collision, crashing head-on into a 34-tonne trailer sitting abandoned and stationary in the road. We want to remind all drivers on the importance of putting their safety first.

Our Zero Accidents Vision means that no Volvo truck should be involved in an accident. We have not yet achieved this, but we continue to pave the way to increasing road safety, especially when it comes to the interaction between the driver, truck and the surrounding traffic. In simple terms, safety is one of our fundamental values and has been one of our main prioritiessince day one.

Volvo was the first brand to introduce cabs made entirely of steel, thus setting a new design and safety standard. Our cabs are currently the toughest on the market, approved by the most trying collision test in the world - the Swedish Cab Test.

A Leader in safety innovation
At Volvo Trucks, we have a holistic approach to road safety which takes all road users into account. Our innovative solutions are created to minimise the risk of accidents- and to reduce the effects of accidents should they occur. For example, we were the first to present the integrated Lower Front Protection system in 1996. We have also been developing a wide range of leading industry support systems for drivers such as the Drowsiness Detector, the Blind Spot Sensor, the Adaptive Speed Control and the Collision Warning System with Emergency Braking.

The images from the Video are provided by Volvo Trucks Australia. The Volvo FH16 was moving at a speed of 53mph in Pilbara, Australia when it was involved in the accident. The driver got out unharmed, with only a grazed knee.

The three-point seatbelt, another ingenious, life-saving solution, was invented and patented by Volvo in 1959. The patent was left open so that other vehicle manufacturers could adopt this passive safety feature.

Many drivers that do not use a seatbelt lose their lives unnecessarily. Our research found that 50% of truck passengers that were not using a seatbelt when the accident occurred would have survived had they used their seatbelts properly.

Put your safety first.

Watch the video: HERE