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1st edition of the Volvo Trucks Impact Race:

1st edition of the Volvo Trucks Impact Race

More than 400 people shared a fantastic experience in true harmony with nature

More than 400 people – 277 male and female participants, from 8 to 80 years old, 89 supporters, 27 volunteers from Auto Sueco Portugal and other Nors Group companies, as well as 21 guests – took up the challenge set by the Nors Group company Auto Sueco Portugal, and by Volvo, to participate in the Volvo Trucks Impact Race, an exciting adventure of approximately 5km and with 20 natural and man-made obstacles which took place last Saturday, the 18th of May, on Torres de Mondego River Beach in Coimbra.

NC Autosueco_web10.jpg

The 1st edition of the Volvo Trucks Impact Race saw great enthusiasm and determination from all participants, the majority of them drivers, fleet operators or with links to road haulage companies, all with a thirst for adventure and team spirit and ready to discover their physical and mental limits while having fun alongside other participants, friends and family members who didn’t want to miss out.

The aim of the event was not just to put their strength, willpower, resistance and team spirit to the test in the unique natural setting, full of adrenaline, fun and joy, but also to get across the messages that Volvo Trucks always seeks to bring to its drivers by encouraging them to adopt good daily habits, such as a healthy, balanced diet or doing exercises such as stretches in order to reduce the discomfort caused by staying in the same position for many hours and to ensure greater road safety.

The satisfaction of finishing the event and overcoming the obstacles was clear at the finishing line and all those who came along and enjoyed the race were sure to wish to relive this adventure in the future, one which stood out for its setting on the banks of the Mondego river and the amazing surrounding green landscapes.

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